The Mind Boggles

From: Ian Thomson <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:08:00 +0000

Can Mikael Raaterova or anyone please tell me where I can get information on this species?

I have been fascinated by the amount of arguing on the mailer over points of Gloranthan reality or not

I've received a certain amount of criticism and a large amount of constructive analysis over my ponderings, so thank you all

And I have watched with amusement as various people are criticised over their ideas

"because poets are barking mad too" marvellous :)

this witch cult thing idea

I like it

needs some work tho

hence my question

whats actually the point of them?

the whole thing appeals to me, and I look forward to the write up

In the meantime I think I'll watch my phraseology with postings

and replace phrases like

"I've decided"


"I'm wondering what the benefits and drawbacks of having this concept
in my game would be as related to Gloranthan lore" :)

I have to say I'm learning shitloads of interesting stuff about RQ and Glorantha from this mailer

so thanks everybody

and thanks Kevin for the Boggle references

I was only kidding about Mind Boggles by the way

a good name for a species tho :)

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