Atheists in Glorantha

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 19:07:59 +1200 (NZST)


> Although this is the culture from which Malkionism arose, the Brithini
>themselves are atheists, denying even the existence of the Invisible God.

They do accept the existence of the Invisible God (cf Tales #13) but they do not worship him. A subtle difference.

>(far from theists, but not far from Malkioni
>monotheists with their rationalist-dualist philosophy)

You mean deism rather than dualism, surely?

> A small colony of pseudo-Brithini of the coast of the Holy Country. They
>are atheists, and try to live like true Brithini, but do not succeed (they are
>also surrounded by theists). The people of God Forgot die just like normal
>people - fortunately they also have children.

They grow old and die at a reduced rate. Thus they are partially successful Brithini.

>4) Vadeli
> The nasty, vicious, scheming, treacherous, back-stabbing etc. etc. Vadeli
>are also atheists. What they *do* actually believe has not been detailed to my
>knowledge (can anyone help out here).

They are moral nihilists. They perform wicked deeds to maintain their immortal existance. Much speculation about these deeds has been uttered in old digests. In glorantha, much information about the Vadeli is polemical, there exists no Vadeli sources for their wicked ways. In truth, the Vadeli are more wicked and depraved than what most gloranthans believe...

> AFAIK, Vadeli die and have babies in the same way as normal humans.

The Vadeli are immortal and do not die as often as they should. AFAIK I have never heard of normal humans successfully reproducing from acts of buggery, menstrual sex and necrophilia.

> If there are others, I can't think of them off-hand.

The Sorcerers of Orathorn are probably Atheists and there are probably a few Atheistic cultures in the Eastern Isles (the Renouncers are the only ones I can think of). There's probably a few exotic communities along the Pamaltelen Coasts but no one has described them.

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