Malkioni in Kethaela

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 20:21:20 +1200 (NZST)

Joerg Baumgartner:

Me>>1) God Forgot

>Yes, the pre-Hrestol Malkioni who missed Malkion's transcendence to Solace.


That isn't to say it's not what most of them now believe. IMO it's on par with the Romans thinking they were descended from Aenas the Trojan.

Me>> (Heortland is shown as part of the Jrusteli Empire according to Uz Lore)

>So is Trowjang, but not Ralios.

I've no problems with Trowjang being part of the Middlesea Empire given that the Teshnans are stated to have been occupied during the second age.

Ralios is more problematic. I think that the scribe, one Minaryth Purple, is trying to show where the Dark Empire is. After its fall, most of it would be under the control of the Jrusteli.

Me>>2) The Malkioni of Nochet [...] were numerous enough to riot in the
>>streets in the second age)

>The text says "scholarly riots spread into the capital". What makes you
>think that the scholars were Malkioni, and not Lhankor Mhytes?

Read it again. "Several [God Learner] incursions [...] ranging from [...] to scholarly riots (as in Nochet, in 780, 826, and 886, which even spread to the capital)..."

The riots were in the streets of Nochet save for one particular riot which spread to the Dragon's Eye. Presumably in that battle, the Lhankor Mhy were convinced by the latest God Learner leaflets and started rioting as well.

>1968 proved that it doesn't take many "scholars" (students) to make a
>city riot.

There would have to be a larger population of malkioni to support all those students at Nochet Uni, methinks as I doubt native esrolians are enrolled.

>Spot on. In fact, a lot of the farmers which left Heortland left with the
>intention to remain untouched.

I would rephrase that slightly and say that many of them left rather than have their new found freedom taken away by the re-establishment of Malkionized government.

Me>>Malkioni were in Nochet long before the Trader Princes (cf above).

>True. And they seem to have been careful not to spread their creed after
>the fall of Lylket, Jadnor and Locsil, if not even earlier.

They would have some influence in Porthomeka and Karse IMO. The RW parallel I'm thinking of are the Jains of India who are traders.

>The Nochet Malkioni have been said to epitomize the obscure victim of
>recurring pogromes.

What need for the pogroms?

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