dead in the West

From: David Cake <>
Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 10:19:32 +0800

>>you forget that Westerner's souls/spirits disappear after death. A proven
>>"magico-scientifical" fact in Glorantha.

        I thought Westerners souls/spirits hung around for a short time after death like everybody elses, it was only that when the spirits of others went to their final reward, the souls of Westerners disappeared. Some people believe that they disappear because they are destroyed (because Westerners don't really have souls), some people say that they simply go somewhere that no non-Malkioni can follow (ie Solace). There are ghosts in Malkioni lands, and even the occasional necromancer, and Malkioni CAN be resurrected (they can't be resurrected after they have gone to Solace, but an Orlanthi can't be resurrected after he has passed through the Courts of Silence either).

        There are undoubtedly Westerners that believe the spirits of the dead are merely undead hollow shells, or something like that. It is also the case that a pious dead Westerner is on the path to Solace, so by Resurrecting them you are performing an evil heretical act.



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