Gloranthan metaphysics.

From: Simon Hibbs <>
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 19:06:06 +0100

Lord Julian says :

>Why is this a trap? Why would the fields of Gloranthan physics,
>genetics, or indeed any other field of scientific inquiry be
>unlike their RW equivalents simply because there is magic in
>Glorantha? I fail to see how this would affect the scientific =
>approach in any way, and make it different to the one in the RW. =

The predictions of terestrial physics fail to describe the conditions on Glorantha, and so they cannot be applicable. You can't just claim that 'universal laws' are canceled out under some circumstances without a rigorous explanations as to why. One single exception or deviation to the predictions of a theory invalidate that theory - that is the rule on which all of terestrial science is founded. If magic can affect the forces of fundamental physics, then that relationship must be explainable in a rigorous and consistent way, or the princeiles of fundamental physics cease to be rigorous and consistent themselves.

>>Gravity as it pertains in the real world
>>is a meaningless concept in glorantha. =
>Not true. Newton discovered NOT gravity, but the law
>of universal attraction. It was a fairly well known fact
>before his discoveries that weight existed, and that objects
>fell down rather than up. This is "gravity". In which way
>exactly do you propose that Gloranthan gravity is different
>from RW gravity?

The surface of the upper world is flat, yet people standing at the edge do not have to lean away from glorantha's 'centre of gravity'. Gravity acts perpendicularly to the world's surface, regardless of your location on it.You might be able to explain this effect, however a stable planetary orbit in a uniform parallel field is impossible, so gloranthan celestial mechanics contradicts universal gravitation.

>Hey! Maybe the Moon doesn't fall because of some magical =
>force which counterbalances its gravity! And waitaminnit!
>Objects on the Moon fall to the Moon's surface ...
>Hmmm ... =
>The Law of Universal Attraction, maybe?

_A_ law, or perhaps principle, of attraction maybe, but not newton's.

>>99.9% of the apparatus in a
>>modern laboratory, if transported there, would be useless junk.
>Nonsense. Scientific apparatus is a set of mechanical devices
>which would work perfectly well in Glorantha.

All I can say is that I disagree. Gloranthans witness events every day which contradict the known laws of terestrial physics.

>Perhaps, Simon, you are confusing gods with Divinity Itself.
>Divinity exists before, beyond and within all gods and mortals.

I don't think so. You are directly contradicting your stated possition that belief creates the gods. If devinity exists as a universal constant, then the gods are not created by the beliefs of their worshipers. Rather, there is a process of interaction between humanity and divinity which we call religion.


End of The Glorantha Digest V5 #601

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