Malkioni Saints in Solace

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 22:23:03 +1200 (NZST)

Nick Brooke:

>Nils and Simon raise the Buddhist parallel (seeing Malkioni Saints as
>Bodhisattvas reaching back from Solace to help poor old us). This is very
>apposite, and I am delighted to embrace it.

>(I note from the most recent Digest that Peter is grumbling about this
>self-same notion. [...] His quibble does seem better addressed to
>Buddhists than Malkioni, in any event.

The chief complaint that I have with the parallel is that the Bodhisvattvas are not in Nirvana because they have delayed their entrance to that state to help others.

Translating this to glorantha would mean that when one writes about Malkion, Hrestol, Rokar or even Notslor being taken up into Solace, we would have to add in a little footnote to the effect that the bystanders were in error and the blessed saints did not enter Solace but stayed just a fraction outside it so they could continue to bless us all.

Nils Weinander:

>But, looking at Glorantha there are exceptions from the
>model suggested here: Malkion and Hrestol are saints who
>give belssings and they are _in_ Solace.

Which merely begs the question of the need for the boddhisvatta parallel in the first place. IMO I would simply junk hairsplitting technicalities about whether a Saint is in Solace or not. Instead I would posit the existance of spiritual realms beneath Solace (a la the Muslim Seven Heavens) and (to borrow from Dante) people these with Saints who exist at the same time in Solace. The lower realms are populated by the more worldly Saints and whom are more easily accessible whereas the higher realms have more aloof saints who are more powerful yet more difficult to reach.

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