More lying Varmandi

From: Mittmann, Mike <>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 08:41:16 -0700

 "D. Pearton" speaking as a Varmandi:
>Joerg, who is normally fairly level headed:
>> Or meet an Orleving girl if you're a Varmandi?
>Worshipping Humakt, Urox, even Malia is bad enough, but this is just
>beyond the pale! Not even the lusty Korol would even consider this...

Don't you believe him! Even the Varmandi are smart enough to see how ugly and poisonous their women are. The only thing that the filthyvarmandi
want more than our cows (since they can't raise cattle, and can only live in
the woods like savages) are our women. The few times that they actually

can find any men who aren't drunk, and can bully one of their women into

summoning a gnome, they gather together to perform the forbidden Raglagnar steals women heroquest.

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