Re: More Lunar Answers

From: TTrotsky <>
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 05:33:12 EDT

Richard Develyn:  

 <<First of all, Greg's article in Tales 16 says:  

 "Destix appears, to the materialists, to be a tiny body which radiates darkness and which revolves around the Lunar body. Where its influence falls upon the Lunar surface the light is cancelled, making it dark."  

 Now that implies pretty strongly that it's influence does not _just_ fall upon the Lunar surface.>>

    I don't see that implication myself. The Red Moon is quite a long way up, so if Destix is close to it it's entirely possible that it isn't unbright enough to have a significant effect on Glorantha, or any heavenly bodies. After all, it apparently isn't visible.  

 <<You would have thought that something that can blot out the moon would have _some_ effect on Glorantha, at, say, dawn or dusk.>>

     Why dawn and dusk?  

<< Philip Hibbs wrote:  

> a. What makes you say Yelm will still be forced to travel into the
> underworld when the world is mended?

 I didn't say that. Trotsky answered my first post by saying Yelm wouldn't, but Nick answered on the assumption, ISTM, that Yelm would. What do _you_ think's the case?>>

     OK, it is possible that the moon will go white before Yelm stops orbiting - - assuming the Dara Happans are right about this one at all! In any event, the Moon is inherently luminous, so it doesn't matter where Yelm is.  

 <<> b. Why can't the White Moon reflect Yelm's glory at night? Put that
> protractor away, God Learner!

 Me? A God Learner? Surely you jest!>>

     I think your earlier post indicates that you have recanted your God Learneriness. Rejoice! :-)  

 <<Anyway I think Nick didn't reckon heavenly bodies reflected one another.>>

     I certainly can't think of any that do. The Red Moon doesn't, as we've indicated. The Blue Moon obviously doesn't because its visible at night as the Blue Streak even when its close enough that Glorantha 'ought' to block out any light from Yelm. And Shargash doesn't show phases, so clearly he's luminous. None of the other planets are visible as discs AFAIK, but there's no reason to suppose they reflect light. And one visible celestial object (the Black Spot) unglows darkness.

<< Not sure about Glorantha herself, though. Is Glorantha a heavenly body, though?>>

    No. She ain't in heaven.  

 << --- Trotsky's just answered me, and he reckons it does glow. That makes  sense to me.>>

    To clarify; she reflects light, such that you could see her in the daytime if you were standing on, say, Zenith. From the same vantage point she would be much more difficult to see at night, on account of being dark. No other object that you could see, aside from the Sky Dome itself, would be affected by the time of day. That the Sky Dome is a blue object that reflects the light of Yelm seems at least a possibility to me.  


I said that educating barbarians to follow the Lunar Way was

 >Kind of tricky in the heat of battle.  

Richard: We shouldn't use them in battle. They belong in libraries.>>

    Our enemies need a jolly good thrashing, and throwing Lunes at them seems as good a way of any as doing it. And it has the added advantage that, if we're really lucky, some of them might convert. Doesn't seem to happen very often, but you can't blame us for trying.  

 <<Me:>You are clearly a closet White Moonie/Arrolian Heretic/Other Kaftan-  >Wearing Dropout and seek to denigrate the achievements of our glorious  >Red Army by accusing them of unecessary violence!  

 Me? A White Moonie? Surely you jest!  

 In any case you are mistaken - Lunes are not a form of violence, they are an attempt to enlighten.>>

     Clearly an Arrolian Heretic! A spell in the army would sort you out!
     Look, its all very well for you academic types to sit about in your
libraries trying to educate people by instruction, but some of us have to live out here in the real world where enemies are stubborn enough not to sit down and listen to the revelations of the Goddess! If we're going to heal the world, some people are going to have to be beaten into submission before we can educate them. That is why the Red Army was created and why we have the example of Yanafal Tarnils to follow. In order to do that, we have to use weapons. While Lunes may be a tool of educational enlightenment or whatever you mystical types use them for, they're also damn good at terrifying the enemy by revealing the true splendour of the Red Goddess to them and showing them just how insignificant and powerless their little storm gods are. And that's got to be a good thing.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


 >May the Goddess enlighten you and bring you to a proper state of  >patriotism towards the doubleplusgood Lunar Empire!  

 Maybe I should commune with a few Lunes myself :-)  

 Richard Develyn (   >>

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