Re: Hero Wars?

From: Simon Hibbs <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 14:45:47 +0100

Frank Rafaelsen

>Would it be possible to let us unelightened people know what the new
>is looking like? There has been a unnerving silence on the digest this
>last week and I fear, no dread, the possibility that a lid has been put
>info about the new game. The horror!

Relax, there's no veil of silence. I think the recent dearth of postings is down to the fact that there have been two conventions on in consecutive weekends. I'm not a playtester and I have only had a brief glance at the written rules, but it was discussed at the german con over the weekend.

It's in an early stage of development, and though it's begining to take shape it has apparently already metamorphosed considerably. Any description of the game is simply a snapshot of what it was like when the playtester recieved a copy of the rules, so it's always a week or more out of date.

The very real danger in disclosing details is that people will get preconcieved notions of whether they like or dislike the game before it's been finished, regardless of what the final game is actualy like. We had that at Germany - poeple saying things like "I don't like this game because it doesn't have X". Well, it's far from complete yet, and getting X, Y and Z put into the game, if they're important, is what playtesting is all about.

I think that widespread dissemination of information about the game, such as on this digest, would be counterproductive. I think it should only be disclosed in actual playtests or in the context of the game's ongoing development.

If you want more information, the best ways are to either go to a convention and play in a playtest session, or write in and beg to be made an official playtester. I plan on doing both.

Simon Hibbs

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