From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 14:54:48 +1200 (NZST)

David Dunham:

>And Trowjang is of suitable climate and population density for
>slash & burn agriculture (shifting cultivation) if I remember correctly, so
>I suspect this is part of what Tolat does. Perhaps Tolat kills males in
>order that babies can be born.

I doubt that Tolat is associated with slash-and-burn agriculture in Teshnos or Trowjang. The Amazons are said to survive by hunting/gathering and fishing. The people of Teshnos grow rice which is ill-suited for slash-and-burn and in addition view Tolat as an enemy god.


>These primitive hunters [of Trowjang] use rapiers and main gauche as
>cultural weapons and crossbows. Perhaps they are not so primitive.

I think it's an attempt to make their weaponry exotic rather than make technologically advanced. In any case, Trowjang was once part of the God Learner Empire (according to a map in Uz Lore) so it's a case of savage women that dwell amidst abandoned junglee-covered cities.

>Other holy days could be :when Shargash was released at Yelm's murder, when
>Shargash met Death, when Shargash fought Dromakus.

Tolat's myths are not the same as Shargash's. The local sun god is actually worshipped by people who are hostile to Tolat (or at least his worshippers). Therefore I do not think that Tolat will have myths of loyalty towards Somash nor do I think that Tolat's holy days will be exactly the same as Shargash's nor even the Tolati agree with the Alkothi over the meaning of those days (cf the Roman Saturnalia and our modern Christmas festivities).

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