From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_voyager.co.nz>
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 1998 13:42:36 +1200 (NZST)

Richard Develyn:

>> Have you ever seen a technicial report when the writer has screwed up
>> badly and is trying to cover his or her arse? Some mostali are like that.

>That I find surprising in any non-apostate dwarves/mostali.

It may be surprising but if it didn't happen, there would be even fewer Gold Dwarves than there now. The Golds spend their time ensuring that the dwarves do not develop the capacity to attempt to cover their arses or if they do develop it, remove it. This comes under the heresy of individualism which is not apostacy.

>> The Dwarfs see _everything_ in terms of the World Machine. The humans
>> have inferior sensory apparatus and so are incapable of seeing the
>> manifest details.

>Agreed. But why aren't they as busy above ground as below?

Because the humans, trolls and elves tend to kick the snot out of them. Thus the inability of the dwarves to manifest above ground is seen as a sign the World Machine is still Broken.

>And what about moon, sun, stars? Are they planning any Apollo missions
>to go and fix whatever's gone wrong up there? They must at least have
>telescopes, musn't they?

They claim to fix the Sun when it enters the Underworld. Some repair work on the Heavens may be undertaken at Zenith which is a big hot air balloon.

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