Gonn Orta and Eldar Giants

From: Charles Domino <cdomino_at_wt.net>
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 21:15:35 -0500

A comment of Doyle's about Gonn Orta got me to thinking back to something from Greg Stafford's talk at the LA con. When he was discussing mysticism, I asked if dragons were essentially just really powerful (physically and magically) mystics. The aim of my question (I am not sure I was clear) was: "is draconic magic actually mysticism, and vice versa" Whatever, Greg's answer was a simple "yes".

Ok, what are some features of dragons?

Dragons are huge physically imposing creatures. Eldar Giants, such as Gonn Orta are/were physically imposing.

Dragons sleep/meditate a lot. Centuries, if not longer.
Gonn Orta's ancestors went to sleep and became the Eleven Good Giant Mountains.

Ancient giants are said to have been peaceful by nature.
Dragons generally don't mess with you if you don't mess with them (or dragonnewts).

Dragons accidentally spawn relatively small, bloodthirsty copies that pillage and plunder. Where do those nasty 8-12 meter giants come from? I've never seen a Giant baby.

Yes, I have seen a giant baby--Gonn Orta's. It sailed off in a cradle--to the East....
Dragons are often connected with the Pass, but it's in the East (the center of Mysticism) where they seem to worship them...

I'm not sure, but didn't the Sun Wheel Dancers have a mystic connection of some sort? One was on the Cradle.

Mystic Giants? Hm. Somebody had to make that connection already....

Stafford always amazes me with the way things suddenly fit together. No other world-designer has been as competently prolific since J.R.R. Tolkien. Or maybe I'm just easily impressed. :-P


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