Much magic? 2

From: Bruce Richardson <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 19:31:41 +0100

The figures I gave were a bit exaggerated, I concede, but based on the ridiculous NPC's (not PC's!) in the example scenario (the Money Tree) in RQ3. Before anyone swats me, I know that's a non-RQ example. I do feel that the effects of magic in a magic-rich world are not always considered. I remember an article on the subject in White Dwarf, back when it was worth reading (i.e. nearly twenty years ago.) I think it was by Lewis Pulsipher. It pointed out how the existence of magic makes obsolete many of the real-world structures that are placed, unaltered, in rpg's by their creators. The article and ensuing debate concentrated entirely on combat and defensive structures but the point extends to cultural constructs. Glorantha is unusually magic rich and the problem is more pronounced.
Gloranthan magic and religion is a beatiful realisation of the myths of our ancestors. The cultures of the peoples of Glorantha are imaginitive and insightful interpretaions of our ancestors lifestyles. This presents a contradiction: if our predecessors myths had been real, their lifestyles would have been significantly different. Greg Stafford's own writings give me a feeling for that difference but I don't often see it translated into game terms.
I know that some of the more extreme methods available for exploiting magic are left unused because of the example of the God-learners but that still leaves a lot of room for a lot of difference.

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