Re: Orlanthi names

Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:33:07 EDT

Keith Nellist:

<< Does Argrath really just mean Liberator? I thought that it came to mean that
 because of Argrath' s actions, like Caesar came to mean ruler despite starting
 as a nickname.>>

     Well, Argrath's real name was Garrath, as far as we can tell. As I understand it, the title 'Argrath' was only added when he succesfully did some liberating. So, presumably, yes, that is all it means.

 <<BTW What is a "real Orlanth name" >>

     I'd agree that Orlanthi names most likely do 'mean something', in at least the same sense as European names have meaning, if not more directly (i.e. in a more modern language, like English-speakers calling their children Prudence, Faith etc.). In this sense 'Kallyr' presumably has a meaning of some kind, but 'Argrath' doesn't, because while there may indeed be some people actually called Argrath, Argrath isn't one of them, if you see what I mean.

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