Moonboat Manoeuvres

From: Nick Brooke <>
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 20:08:22 +0100

Keith wrote:

>> Outside, they are subject to the vagaries of the waxing and waning
>> moon. As their motive power depends on strength of the moon, as it
>> fades they slow down markedly and become more difficult to control.

> The image this brings to mind is a Moonboat captain ... (etc.)

More seriously (or less frivolously, at least), the Moonboat captains from Arrolia are the finest in the world. Because they don't have the advantage of working within the Glowline, they can beat the pants off the humdrum, spoiled Imperial Moonboat pilots, tacking and weaving to take best advantage of available moonbeams. They get all the practice, y'see.

This may not be a major issue yet, but if the Empire starts recruiting Arrolian pilots, or tries invading Arrolia, or anything like that, it'll be a major consideration. You might even see Imperial Moonboats operating competently outside the Glowline in Dragon Pass; or, contrariwise, a lumbering Imperial invasion fleet cut to pieces by nimble Arrolian privateers...

All neat imagery, anyway. (I was toying today with hijacking a Moonboat at Kitor and fleeing the Empire in it, laden to the gunwhales with White Moonie renegades.

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