Explorative myths

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 13:56:40 +1300

Andrew Larsen:

>How does one justify performing a heroquest for something that hasn't
>been done before?

The Lunars and the Arkati say "no problem" while everybody else has it thrust onto them.

>Of course, one can intentionally branch off at some point, but
>how does this actually work? More problematically, how does one initiate a
>HQ if one can't find a relevant myth?

Apart from the obvious reply of "Play KoDP and screw up a myth", every Heroquest starts of with a ritual to enter the Heroplane. If you intentionally make the wrong decisions then you end up lost in the heroplanes and wander.

Of course, I never really understood what Storm Bull was doing in the Aroka myth.

>To give an example, one of the important NPC's in the game has been
>severely traumatized emotionally and is slowly 'dying inside'. One of the
>PCs is a Chalanan, who is concerned to save her, but none of the Chalanan
>magic addresses the mind, only the body.

Chalana does heal the mind as one of her myths was to heal Orlanth's judgement when said god was threatening to chop her up for healing the Emperor's Men. There's also her (or rather Arroin's) stabilization of Flesh Man's problems.

If there is no specific magic for Chalana Arroy, then the PC could attempt a sacrifice of goods. This may be much cheaper than a specific heroquest (he says ruefully after a chief was killed trying to do the Aroka Heroquest to relieve a drought that was later lifted by the sacrifice of seven cows to Heler).

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