Re: Gone with the Wind

Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 15:00:33 EST


<< Is levitation a Moon power ? >>


<< Does the Blue Moon also has it ?>>

     The Blue Moon rolls around the outside of the Sky Dome and, when it reaches the hole at the North Star, promptly falls through it and plummets all the way to the underworld. So, not unless she's a masochist ;-)     

<< Could Red Moon worshippers levitate ?>>

     Definitely. Nick Brooke (I think) even coined the expression Levitating Bald Chicks (or LBCs) to describe the Sedenyic mystics, on account of there being a number of pictures of them in RQ. There's one on the cover of the planned HW Lunar Players Book, too.  

<< >>the Crimson Bat
>It's chaotic.

 Does Chaos's flight come from stolen power or is it "not affected by gravity" ?>>

     The latter, I suspect. Chaos is well known for breaking natural laws.  

<< >>Dragons
>Draconic mysteries.

 Illuminated enough to be able to perceive the illusion of gravity? >>

     More than likely. I'm sure there are also Kralori mystics who levitate by Refuting the existence of gravity.  

<< >>Leonardo's flying machine

 Not by RW standards. Some magic must be involved somewhere.>>

     Well, magical, Gloranthan science then ;-)

<< >Gravity pulls all things, not things directly beneath them.
>Thus even if one is suspended above Magasta's Pool, one
>still feels the downward pull of Genertela, Pamaltela,
>Luathaela and Vithela.

 OK but why ? >>

     The earthy stuff in your body likes to be with other earthy stuff. This is also why fire and heat (and possibly light, if we believe certain theories about the horizon) rise towards the Sky Dome.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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