Re: The Glorantha Digest V7 #399

From: Ilav Topix <>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 10:00:45 GMT

Hi thrice,

>I understand most ivory in medieval Europe was in fact
>mammoth tusks from what is now Belarus, Ukraine and
>western Russia.

I didn't know this fact. It shocks me. Mammoth? Really? And the African elephants? What were they hunted down for, then?

>Might there by a trade in ivory from somewhere along
>the edge of Valind's glacier? Alternatively, maybe all
>the ivory comes from the south and is in short supply
>until a new route from the north is opened as lands in
>Fronela emerge from the effects of the Syndic's Ban?

Are there Mammoth in Valind? I don't know, honest!

To Andrew:
> Ah! That makes great sense. So he traded away the Trade rune for
>the ability to Trade. It wasn't just Argan Argar that was affected.
>Rather trading with AA allowed him to trade with anyone. It had a larger
>mythic meaning. That works. But what did Argan Argar actually give him in
>return? He must have given up something, or it wouldn't be a trade.
>Perhaps he gave up the trollish tendency to be hostile to non-trolls.
IMG, Annilla Trolls have the Gift Of Tongues, from Argan Argar. They understand all the human tongues (but can't speak them). Perhaps AA gave Issaries the ability to understand unhuman tongues.

> But why would LM help an ignorance diety? Wouldn't they been his
>enemies? And were there ignorance dieties before the death of the Goddess
>of the Light of Reason? Wasn't her death the thing which created

That's why I bet on Tada or someone like him.


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