Lunar military cults

Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 07:30:06 -0500 (EST)


Thanks for the lowdown on military cults in the Imperial Armed Forces.

>I could go on, there are a lot more.

Two that are missing are Waha and Storm Bull (Storm Buck?), as worshiped by the Antelope Lancers from the Hungry Plateau. The game I'm running at the moment is set in Prax, so this is quite important. I'm assuming that there are Yanafal Tarnils officers assigned to the Antelope Lancers, much in the same way that British Army Officers are assigned to Ghurka units, but perhaps some of the Lancer's own officers would be full members of the YT cult?

As for the role of the Seven Mothers cult in the army, I see it as being the cult of the army chaplain. It has proved to be an excelent background for a Seven Mothers priest in my game. These guys and girls provide the core magical support for many units. Wardings for defensive possitions such as ramparts, and key locations such as the commander's tent; Heal Wound spells to rescue key personnel from serious injury; Dismiss Magic spells to neutralise enemy defenses. In fact only a small proportion of a chaplain's spells are freely selectable by personal prefference. The upside is that they get decent training in physical skills and access to regimental magical resources, some of which is seriously sexy.

Simon Hibbs

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