SunZu Strategism

From: Gian Gero <>
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 08:41:00 GMT

To Terra,
>Subject: Temujin / AgartuSay
>To Gian:
>Martin Laurie Work and Greg Stafford Work are differentiated
>Laurie wrote from humanistic avenger with "resources and tools".
>Greg Stafford used this "resource and tools" as his Eastern Component as
> >fitted.
>So Sheng AgartuSay became AntiGod. Greg Stafford decided. (at least RQ

mmmhh. Possibly, but I'm not as sure as you seem to be.

>"Spread like Grassly Plain
>"Form battle alley like Sea
>"Fight Ferociously like Chisel
>"What is Another Way? Brother
>From Mongolian (Yuan Dynasty) Chronicle in Uighurite

Yes, Milius' Conan reported an interesting dialogue about these same matters. Did you see the film?

>SunZy military strategist of Ancient China
>"Swift like Wind
>"Calm like Gloves
>"Agress like Flame
>"Stable like Mountain"

We call him SunZu, in Italy (maybe SunZy is the right form, I don't know). It recalls very neatly Kagemusha, the masterpiece by the great Akira Kurosawa.
Wind, Wave and Flame were the names of the regiments of Takeda Shingen-sama and he called himself the Mountain (I suppose chinese SunZu is the base of Japanese strategy: many Italian mangers, nowadays, read SunZu to learn how to defeat their competitors on the mass-market). I am afraid I haven't read him, yet. I am entertained by the idea that the future winner of Sekigahara (the name was???) is often depicted as the bad guy, in most japanese fiction. Am I right?

>"Life is always Slavery"
>"Distorted" Zho Lath Ey Teaching leads their constant Expansion Polisy
>as>their need and Tribeal Unity: Speed , Power, and Unity made Aesthetic
>Power:>destroy Western & Eastern Corrupted "Civilized" Mysticism. Make
>balance over>Elements (kralorelan teaching?) Ignore Hero Passion and Desire
>to Survive,>Elder Bloodline Kargzantic Structure changed to
>Enforcers.>Bursts are Needles and Nails to Enemies for Pain Star, Son of
>Sun>Rays understood Fericious Speed and Return

I am interested to know how the victories of Sheng or of Genghis influenced Kralori/chinese warcraft. But I know that SunZu has composed his works centuries before Genghis, so I suppose that late chinese and japanese strategists still studied SunZu but rejected the mongol way. Only the Muslim empire (I suspect) learned something from the Mongols; all the other empires they destroyed simply hated them and called them "devils" (tartars). Was Kubilai's dynasty a long one in chinese history?

>Storm Sun Movement of Seleran Empire as Incarnate of Sun of Son
>Right Cavarily with right ranged bowshot and Shiftmoving of Steppe make
> >Military Action Effective: against Lunar Magicians and Kralorelan
>Draconic >Mystics >Massshot pack movement should equip many Sunspears from
>Sunworshiper >(Kargzant Cult Changed by Emergency Call) and Hunter Sureshot
>are mustered
>for Sheng,

Yes, if I get what you mean, IMO the Lunar Empire learned much from the nomad Selerans in order to beat them and rule them (partially).

>His Downfall was Fate for his limitless Greedy
>Cult of Double Hell Explorer call in the Deep hell
>"AgartuSay">He killed his own tormented sister in Instant Torture Camp
>System (In tale>of Martin Story) and become One of Retribution to
>World,>Sheng is Savior! Sheng is Demon Deceiver!

The greatest conquerors, in RW, fell when they tried to negate their humanity (Alexander, Genghis, Caesar, even Napoleon, et cetera). I like Gloranthan conquerors because they indeed stand a chance to succeed in this final feat: they can become gods. Sheng fell because his flaws were pitilessly exploited by the cunning Lunars, or so I imagine the essential plot of those obscure events.

>"A" Argrath in Wasteland wandered:
>Brother High Llama Rider Yazakial Blue escorted him to Snowland.
(snip good A's tale)

Good show, Terra. My own vision of Argrath is surely compatible with this tale of yours.


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