Re: KoDP Map

From: Robert McArthur <>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 12:50:59 +1000

Mark Leymaster wrote:
> David reminded me that short runs of decent quality
> color maps is expensive, and guessed it might pay
> at 8.5"x11" format. My last effort on that scale
> was 40% ink on 100 lb. (heavy cover) paper, and it
> cost just under $1/page in runs of 50 _after_ I got
> the colors to match. I'd bet 90% coverage in a run
> of 100+ could be cheaper per page, if 24 lb. paper
> were used in a color-laser printer (assuming color
> matching was not required). I wonder if shipping and
> handling might actually be a bigger cost than
> reproducing the image.
> Still I'd support even that paper size, though I'd like
> the next larger size of 11"x17" even if it had to
> be pieced from the smaller pages. If a master image
> was in vector (Illustrator) not bitmap (Photoshop) format,
> it could be rescaled for those who'd pay for poster-
> sized images, say 17 x 22 or larger, at a higher price.
> More exciting would be to map it in GIS format, so that it
> could be revised and scaled and (someday) integrated
> with other maps. There's a nifty shareware product at
> for example.
> What would it take to move this project forward, David?
> I'd cheerfully pay for a test print of a poster sized
> map, if you need an order to get this started.

Just got a lovely new Epson 1270 Photo printer which can handle 11"x14", or 13"x44" panoramas. Quality is, as some on the newsgroups put it, equal to Cibachromes (for those that don't know - that is pretty close to the top of the scale for glossy photography). This is (sort of) available for something like this project...


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