Glorantha's future

From: Donald R. Oddy <>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 22:50:29 GMT

Meints, Richard (R.J.)

>I'm all for way cool web based stuff, but that doesn't put anything into
>game shops or trade stands at conventions. I'm still formulating my opinion
>on the best way to tackle Hero Wars magazines/fanzines.

I can't help feeling the local games shop has largely had it's day. Games Workshop is big enough to turn the stock over fast enough but they control the whole process from design to selling. In 10 years the rest of the market will be one or two retailers in each country selling mostly by mailorder and the internet.

Similarly conventions are now for enthusiasts, the local convention which attracted the general public has disappeared. As a result there isn't the steady stream of newcomers who buy something because it looks good with a few getting seriously involved in consequence.

It's a pity KoDP hasn't appeared in the 'Game' chain of stores because that would really get Glorantha more widely known. The other possibility is to get a restricted version onto some magazine cover disks, even an internet download which could be passed round could generate sales and interest.

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