Re: Nandan

From: Sergi Diaz <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 23:06:31 +0200

> From: David Dunham <>
> I was waiting for this question... Although it seems like a
> surprising number of people know of him, in fact he has never been in
> print.

Oh, then my research for english material not printed here hasn't been bad :-)

> By contrast, I don't believe that Vingans are considered in all ways
> as men -- they are probably considered 85% men, but can act
> (ritually) as women as well. They dress as a combination -- men's
> clothing with a woman's overdress (see King of Dragon Pass for many
> examples).

Actualy they don't embrace other women, so I think the same. (last picture of Queen Kallyr shows her very "feminine" in contrast with Wyrms footnotes' pictures ;-) )

> From: "Peter Metcalfe" <>
> Subject: Nandan
> Nandan Birthing-Man (or Naff Retcon as some would have it) is
> unpublished but his existance has been mentioned in a couple
> of conventions when talking about Orlanthi society.

Oh, conventions, I would love to be at one, but my earnings are just too few :-(
Some day I will be rich enough to make a long trip :-)

> He's the model for those men who want to be women (ie transexual
> rather than homsexuals or merely doing women's work). Only the most
> powerful devotees are able to have children AFAIK.

Then I suppose it's the cult secret :-?
Well, surely its cult will be described at Thunder Rebels...

  Sergi Diaz

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