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From: David Cake <>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 03:29:27 +0800

Donald Oddy wrote:
>Personally I hate PDF, it's another bloated piece of software
>producing bloated documents which aren't easy to read on the screen so
>I usually end up printing them out. HTML is a much better format for
>publishing on the Internet.

        Where PDF comes into its own is when you print them out. If what you want to do is produce a nice professional looking printed work, but you want to take advantage of electronic distribution because you do not want to put in the large amounts of time and money required for physical distribution, it works pretty well.

        HTML works well for things that you mostly want to read once and enjoy, and that are short enough to read at a sitting. For things you are going to print out anyway (and a lot of gaming stuff fits into this category - if you are going to use it in your game, its either print it out or take your laptop to the game). The alternative to PDF is not HTML, its providing some other downloadable form like raw text (sometimes good, but extremely limited) or some other proprietary format (like Word documents). HTML is good for what its designed for, which is only viewing, and not much else.

        I used to dislike PDF, or at least hate the free Adobe viewer enough to really be annoyed by it, and used to worry about Adobes proprietary control. Now that there are various non-Adobe options, I feel a bit better about it. I have come to feel that its the natural format when what you are really after is electronic distribution of something that you have designed for print, and that its OK as an electronic format too.

        Computer games - I liked the idea of someone developing Gloranthan units for Myth II. That game felt like it had a similar feel to Glorantha. Currently, its out of date enough that its only viable as a non-commercial fannish project. But if a similar game came out, developing a 'scenario pack' that used Glorantha as a background would actually be a reasonably viable commercial project, IMO. Alex wrote:
>Our local convention seems to get a lot of 'walk-ins'. OTOH, whether
>they can be prised out of the bar and away from playing Magic and
>Vampire long enough to think about playing a new game is another

        That makes them sound a lot like the regulars, apart from the part about Magic and Vampire.

>The exact details of Nandanic child bearing are pretty mucky.

        The exact details of conventional child bearing are too.



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