Non human issue - Tradetalk # 7

From: Ingo Tschinke <>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 19:24:06 +0200

Hi friends

in the next few days we will be ready with Tradetalk # 7 - the non humans. the content of this issue will be:

News from the Trader 		- Greg gives some news from Issaries Inc.
Ducks and Undead 		- News ideas about Ducks and Delectis Marsh from 
				Simon E. Phipps (BTW does anybody know his email 
				adress? I lost it)
How I Kill Undead		- from Simon E. Phipp
The Upland Marsh		- from Simon E. Phipp
Delecti our saviour		- from Simon E. Phipp
Quack! Glub, glub		- from Simon E. Phipp
What the father Keet told me 	- Infant ducks from Vesa Lethinen
A journal fragment about Ducks 	- from Michael Cule
Into the Dragonland 		- adventure from Joerg Baumgartner, Helge Reuter 
				and Ingo Tschinke
The Telmori (four different articles) - from "mister wulf" Thomas Gottschall
The Wolfbrother's bond		- from Thomas Gottschall
How Dog and Wolf became enemies - from Thomas Gottschall
Spears of the Telmori		- from Thomas Gottschall
The Magic of the Wolfpeople 	- from Thomas Gottschall
The wasp riders			- from Andre Jarosch, Martin Hawley, Simon Bray 
				and Steven Martin
Eluare				- from Jamie Revell
Beastmen			- from Peter Metcalfe
Aldryami			- from Shannon Appelcline
Rituals  part 1 (a series for RQ) - from Stephen Martin
CoC - Denizens of the Depths	- from Shannon Appelcline

As you see, this will be an interesting and sometimes very funny issue of Tradetalk. Anybody of yours who want to order it writes to:

There are still available from the Chaos Society:

TT # 2 		- Safelster Ralios special
TT # 3 		- east wilds Ralios special
TT # 4		- island holy country special
TT # 5		- Caladraland & Vinga special
TT # 6 		- catch up Ralios and Holy country
TT # 7 		- the non human issue (described above)

the oncoming issues will be:

Tradetalk # 8	- Pavis and Big Rubble
Tradetalk # 9	- Handra and the Traderprinces

We are still in need of any kind of articels and artwork. Send articles or artwork to: Tradetalk, Ingo Tschinke, Schevemoorer Landstrasse 33, D - 28325 Bremen, Germany.

Furthermore we have Ye Booke of Tentacles:

Ye Booke of Tentacles # 1	- Sorry, tottaly sold out
Ye Booke of Tentacles # 2	- Full coulored issue with 136 pages
Ye Booke of Tentacles # 1	- Pavis and Big Rubble compandium and a lot more 
				with 136 pages of gloranthan gold

YBoT # 2 and 3 are available as nice price for 40,- DM. English and Americans see your chance in the currency rate, this is only 12 UKP and 16 US$.

A tradetalk subscription of five issues costs only 40,- DM (incl. Porto but exclusive bank fees).

If you want to get also Pavis and Big Rubble adventure special, the compandium # 2, make also your preorder now - it will be 20,- DM for it.

We are accepting any kind of cheques, from anywhere around the world.



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