RE: Marriage and steads

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 18:57:34 +0100 (BST)

John Hughes:

> Definitional alarm here. Several contributors (including myself) have been
> using transhumance to denote the movement of cattle over *relatively long
> distances* to take advantage of seasonal and ecological variation. Ian seems
> to be using it in the sense of local rotation within the tula.

For me the issue is, is it seasonal? Distance is not the main issue. If there's land that is used only as pasture, and only in certain seasons, whereas other land is used as arable, left fallow, and/or used as winter pasture, we have 'the bones of' transhumance.

> * inheritance strengthens the collective nature of the household or
> bloodline (Alex has battered me around the head enough to convince me of the
> need to practically distinguish the two).

I thought I was battering you around the head to clear up the whole confused mess of the term household: sometimes it does mean 'bloodline' (TotRM, Lismelder stuff), sometimes it means 'stead' (KoS) sometimes it means 'lodge' or 'hearth' (, and sometimes it's figurative (KoS again).

> I'm uncertain that daddy would sit down and write out an itemised last will
> and testament al la C20 westerners - its just as likely that the household
> would divide the goods after death according to a broad understanding of his
> wishes.

Yes, I think so. Insofaras they need to be formally 'divided' at all. (IMO this is often not done, though naturally this often leads to problematic situations later on, as whatever 'understanding' there once was dissolves.)


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