Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #10

From: Olli Kantola <>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 14:26:22 +0300 (EEST)

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, "Peter Metcalfe" <> wrote:

> >How about some even more important questions. How are theistic magic items
> >made? How do they work?
> Enchantment rules are given in the HW:RiG rulebook and theists
> have no need of Talismans or Fetishes. I dunno about more
> powerful schtick (like agraven image of Orlanth) tho.

Humakt had his Sword, Ernalda had her Loom, Lhankor Mhy had his Marking Bone, Orlanth had his Justice Wand, his helmet (Spare Me) ad infinitum... Now unless all of these wonderous items were only metaphors for their internal powers and abilities, then a major part each gods power is derived from items of some sort. If this is true, then as a part of the devotees identification with his god, the devotee should also have stuff like the god has.

We humans tend to mark our possessions and our possessions definetly leave a mark on us. In Glorantha this is even more so, because of the magical nature of the world. And because it is possible to read an items past or perhaps even the past of its users from an item, we can be sure of this.

Could the helmet of an old Orlanth devotee reflect this by identification? As in the devotee is strongly identified with Orlanth and his steadfast helmet is almost like a part of him.

With the Humakt cult this feature is already seen in action. Many humakti gifts enchant the sword of the worshipper. Sure Humakt was a tought warrior and fearsome indeed, but his sword (and honor)was the thing that eventually made him stand out.

Surely magical items have a great significance for theists! What I was wondering is: Can theists make magical items? or Do they always have to fetch them from the Godplane? IF it indeed is possible (perhaps with long rituals, sacrifice of wealth and power and normal worship with plenty of worshippers), then how could it be done?

Olli Kantola

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