The Silliness of Nandan, (sick of it already? don't read then...)

From: Andreas Gustafsson <>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 02:41:53 -0700 (PDT)

I think I'd like to throw in a few words on why Nandan can be considered silly without that being a thing about homosexuality.

I do think Nandan is a silly invention, basically since it is about men having babies. Like a wrote last time, it smacks of "Life of Brian". That doesn't mean there can't be homosexuals amongst Heortlings!

I think there is a consensus about the openness of the Orlanthi about sexual matters. Why should there be a god like Nandan for it? I'd say an Orlanthi, a Heler or an Elmali could be just as homosexual as well. Just like women can be an initiate of Vinga without being homosexual. Or has that being changed too, in the matter of political correctness or some other idea of turning Glorantha into a modern (twisted)US with sexual liberation, televangelism and junkfood?

Do we need a god of beards also? Can't people be homosexual without there being a god for it? I mean, you worship a god for getting part of his powers, right? If Nandan is a good of childbearing males, his powers of reproduction makes sense. But is he at the same time is a god of homosexuals, that gives the impression that homosexuals is just men that wants to be women! And have a child!

That is more homophobic, I'd say. Let the homosexual Heortling fit in any cult and let's throw Nandan away as being a cheap laugh out of "Life of Brian".

That's my point, and I'd have no problems with either homosexual players or characters, just Nandan.


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