Nandanic Minotaurs

From: robert darvall <>
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 18:22:30 +1100

Topi Pitkanen, writing digest for the first time...

> Could it be that minotaurs are nandanic by nature? I always visualize >them as males (though there are also cows). And could it be, that these >big agressive beastmen were actually excellent midwives sometimes >sought by daring humans?
> What do you people think?

Certainly puts them at a remove from the trad Minoan beast. As a twist I like it both from its scenario potential & as a method of expanding Nandan from what appears to be objectionably (at least there are many objectors) narrow parameters. Indeed Topi's backed it with the bones of a decent myth. Although I'd like to see the Minotaur as both big, agressive beastmen & excellent midwives. Perhaps they have only one sex but still use sexual means to reproduce. It's no weirder than dwarves & less so than Aldryami.
As to Nandan being a throw away from "Brian", the whole world is based on throw aways that have been rationalised & justified until they form solid parts of Glorantha. Think Uz, Swenstown, Pimper's Block & so many other items loved by most & excoriated by a few (including the noble & tragic ducks). If we can work Elmal in surely Nandan will develop & expand. Already he is being given roles & purpose that fit the societies, an enabler to allow men to function in female ceremonies, links to Eurmal (Rob Nicholls >I also think there is another candidate
>for turning things inside out and for men being able to be pregnant - I >think that Trickster is somebody who can turn anything upside down.), & a role as desperation backstop if your clan is really in the shit. I don't see him as a 'God of Homosexuality', although the loss of the naff tagline wouldn't upset me, more a 'God of Multiskilling' than anything. As has been noted he doesn't turn men into women, just makes it possible for them to perform as women for a time. This probably has greater value to a clan as a replacement in ceremony & ritual than his role as "Birthing Man".
Andreas Gustafsson
>Do we need a god of beards also?

Comb & Braid anyone? Something that initially looked very silly but has been worked in.
Lankor Mhy? Women with fake beards.
My point being that all the silliness & naff retcons (annoying as they are) do stimulate creative responses that snowball into greater detail (& eventually another naff retcon) & so enhance the co-creation. If it's official or good fan don't can it, work it in. Both the Renaissance & HW would not have happenned were this not done.


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