Re: Nandani Patrilinearity

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 02:36:15 +0200

Alex :

> > > > PS : Quo patrilinearity in Nandanic weddings ?
> > >
> > > There's only one 'father' in a wedding (and birth) involving a Nandan
> > > man, so no problem...
> >
> > Well, I assume that there are Nandani bloodlines as there are Ernaldan
> > ones ; and I would assume that there must be some specific legal
> > arrangements to cover several legal problems. As there are over here in
> > France with the PACS social contract (AKA gay 'marriage' certificate).
> I still don't see the problem. Unless you're invisaging a
> 'Nandan/Nandan' marriage, for example.

Among other possibilities ...

> The Nandan man is legally
> and socially the wife and mother in any marriage, so trace both
> matrilineal or patrilineal descent as per 'normal'. Whatever
> happens to be 'normal', that is. (As a rule, I think all the
> bloodlines will tend to have the same descent pattern. But that's
> an Orlanthi 'rule', obviously...)

Indeed : hence legal problems ...

> > So it would seem that at least one more class of marriage must exist
> > for the Orlanthi, to cater for the special needs of the Nandani.
> Why? High or low status, I don't see how their situation varies
> form that of women, fundamentally.

It does : legally, they are men.

(OK, probably not in all clans. A Nandani in an Ernaldan clan probably *would* be a woman from a legal POV)

In the 'Nandani Husband' model I suggested, the children belong to the Nandani's clan. Which is very important, because if the Nandani came from a typical patrilinear clan, he will transfer his bloodline from his father to his sons, even though he himself is legally a wife.

This is an important distinction, and this is the sort of thing that I mean when I propose that specific classes of marriage are needed for the Nandani ; the 7 classes of KoS are not enough.

Julian Lord

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