From: Mikael Raaterova <>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 16:38:42 +0200


>I've described Aldachur to my gamers as having huge earthworks defenses
>(and some walls atop some of them), and being fairly open inside, with
>longhouses and such.

I know you asked about DP cities and towns in general, but since i shan't wax categorical on such things, i'll keep my ideas in a Far Point context.

Aldachur was (according to John Hughes) founded on top of a EWF ruin. I see no reason that this shouldn't be so, since it's cool. What that means in terms of remaining structures is up to you, but i think at least some of them have been rebuilt. That Dwarf Run is close may also mean that some access to stonemasonry is available (if Flintnail of Pavis was actually the openhandist Dwarf of Dwarf Run, then he has practice in building human cities). Also, after Grizzley Peak, the Prince of Sartar (and the Princes do have access to Stone magic) rebuilt the walls of Aldachur (and raised the city of Alone as well).

So i believe there are stone buildings in Aldachur, with walls based on a citadel-like EWF ruin. Most of the buildings are wooden structures of course, and in long-house style (such as the viking city of Birka), but many buildings are based on Pelorian city-houses (refugees from the encroaching Lunar Empire has flooded into Far Point during the last hundred years), and have two stories or more. Personally, i see Aldachur as a pretty crowded place (and with lots of houses outside the proper city walls but within the outer earthworks); no much room for grassy commons within the city anymore, the animals have to be kept in sties and pens nowadays.

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