The orlanthi sun

From: Olli Kantola <>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 17:39:48 +0300 (EEST)

Mikko Rintasaari asked:

>So, is the sun Elmal or the Emperor Yelm?

Yelm is definedly the orlanthi sun. In some sourcebook there was a bit about orlanthi using figures of speech and Yelm was mentioned as the sun back then. Also Orlanth went on the Lightbringers Quest to get the sun back to the sky. If Elmal would have been enough, then the quest would have been kinda stupid.

But, then again it is common knowledge that Elmal is the sun. This is stated in many documents. GRoY (or was it Fortunate Succession)states that in the first council Pelorians acknowledged Orlanth to be Rebellus Terminus, Orlantio, whatever and the orlanthi did the same for Evil Emperor and Yelm. So atleast before the First Council Elmal was the sun.

Maybe "the deep ranks of people" (ala Hannu Karpo! ;-) are right. Resurrection of Yelm could have only revitalized the sky, allowing Elmal to rise again to patrol the stead from where he does it best. Even the Pelorians think that the sun wasn't Yelm before the Sunstop, before that it was only Kargzant.

So I think that peasants think that the sun is Elmal (it would be kinda weird to praise the Evil Emperor for sunny weather in the fire season) while some more educated elements may think that it is Yelm, without realizing the paradoxes that are inherent in this position.

Olli Kantola

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