Re: Clothing Maketh Nandan the Birthing Man

From: David Dunham <>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 17:32:04 -0700

John Hughes

> All these comments about Heortling men wearing 'womens' clothing, Gori
> wearing 'mens' clothing have a top-down air about them that says more about
> our culture than Heortling. Who's defining these gender distinctions anyway?

Me, or at least I defined this for the King of Dragon Pass art direction, in conjunction with Greg. We did base it in large part on what seemed appropriate, but also on the need to help distinguish different types of people (which is one element of fashion).

> men wearing traditional 'womens' clothing (frocks, skirts and
> associated signifiers) is still scandalous in most contexts

My coworker (whose wife just gave birth to their first child) occasionally wears a skirt or a kilt to work. It seems more eccentric than scandalous, but maybe that's just west coast USA.

A male ex-employee of my wife's was transferred to London, and supposedly started wearing a skirt, because it was more acceptable there (this was around 5 years ago).

Loren Miller, on Nandan

> Second, the supposed female rough equivalents, Vinga and Babeester Gor, do
> not develop male sexual organs or otherwise take the male role in fertility.

This is why I think they're not equivalents at all, Alex's opinion notwithstanding. There is no female equivalent of Nandan, nor any male equivalent of Vinga.

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