Avenging Daughter on Enclosure #2

From: Gary R Switzer <gswitzer_at_loop.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 12:36:13 -0700

Someone mentioned the cover of Enclosure #2 and I have a question for the SFC; having done in the poor chap she's holding up (for whatever reason) will she then do in the small boy fleeing with his mother on the right? And what if the baby the woman is holding is also male? And what about the ram in the background? How far does that kind of BG vengence go once provoked?

Also, on the now somewhat exausted Exogamous marriage thread, could someone either ask Pam, or explain themselves the marriage arrangements of Theya Two-Mothers and her daughters? It might be nice to have a real (I mean game real) example to work from.

Gary R Switzer
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"Regret of a Queen" (Adapted from an old Indian poem)

"This man has taken my Husband's life

    And laid my Brethren low,
"No sister indeed, were I, no wife,

    To pardon and let him go."

"Yet why does he look so young and slim

    As he weak and wounded lies?
"How hard for me to be harsh to him

    With his soft, appealing eyes?"

"His hair is fruffled upon the stone

    And the slender wrists are bound,
"So young! and yet he has overthrown

    His scores upon the battle-ground."

"Have we such beauty around our Throne?

    Such lithe and delicate strength?
"Would Ernalda make me the senseless stone

    To support his slender length!"

"I would lay you down on the Royal bed,

    I would bathe your wounds with wine,
"And setting your breast against my head

    Dream you were lover of mine."

"My Crown is heavy upon my hair,

    The Jewels weigh on my breast,
"All I would leave, with delight, to share

    Your pale and passionate rest!"

"But hands grow restless about their swords,

    Lips murmur below their breath,
"The Queen is silent far too long!"

    My Carls--Take him away to Death!"

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