Orlanthi Cities

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 21:42:27 GMT

Mikko Rintasaari:

>The cities, as far as I know, were built to serve as common ground for the
>tribes. Most of the population of Sartar live outside the >cities,

Most civilized gloranthans live outside cities.

>and I can't really see the Sartarites wanting to cram themselves into
>hellholes like New Pavis (which is another kettle of fish >altogether).

The only thing wrong with New Pavis from a Sartarite perspective is the climate. And the mud buildings... The two things wrong with New Pavis...

But that aside I don't see what's wrong with cramming. All Orlanthi live in cramped conditions in their steads and the clan villages are squalid untidy affairs with the air thickened by the smells of cattle, shit, cooking, sheep, smoke, the Trickster's Body Odour, poultry and shadow-cats' piss-markings. Living in a city or town is not a quite such a bad thing from the Orlanthi PoV.

>I'd like to see Sartar's wall raising magic as something based on the
>traditional earthworks, parhaps strengthened with stone.

Boldhome was raised with the help of Dwarves, therefore the standard view of stone walls looks fine to me.

>I think the most important function of the cities and towns of Sartar is
>trade between the tribes (especially within the city ring).

Cities are far more important than that.

>How do you people think the bloodlines and clan membership's work within
>the cities,

Bloodlines remain intact. Clan memberships less so as the Mayor speaks for the people of the City.

>and how big are the sartarite cities supposed to be anyway?

From Questlines #1 (IIRC) Boldhome was around 10,000 while the other cities were no more than 2000 each.

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