Re: Hero Wars sales in Finland; vengeance

From: David Dunham <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 16:58:33 -0700

Mikko R reports

>Apparently HW is selling very well here. Especially here in Turku, where
>apparently a large portion of the RPG community has started out with RQ.
>Unfortunately I didn't get any actual numbers. I'll tell you guys when I
>reach somebody that knows.

I hope some of it is spill-over from KoDP! (I know a fair number of the Finnish KoDP fans are new to Glorantha.)

Gary Switzer

>(For comparison purposes, I've sold roughly 12 Deluxe Hero Wars so
>far, against about 65 3rd Edition D&D PHB's since August and 37
>DMG's since the beginning of September. I consider Hero Wars
>a great sucess for Issaries, and for me. I'll be quite surprised if
>the D20 version of Dune sells as well.)

That does sound good. (How many King of Dragon Pass?)

>Someone mentioned the cover of Enclosure #2 and I have a question for
>the SFC; having done in the poor chap she's holding up (for whatever
>reason) will she then do in the small boy fleeing with his mother on the
>right? And what if the baby the woman is holding is also male? And
>what about the ram in the background? How far does that kind of BG
>vengence go once provoked?

Wouldn't that be giving away the game? (The illo is from KoDP.)

In King of Dragon Pass, she's been aggrieved by your clan, so in theory, anyone in the clan is fair game:

"I was taken from you, and you did nothing but leave me for dead! Everything has been taken from me. Now I take from you!" She has already wounded one warrior, and is about to do the same to another.

In most circumstances, I think Babeester Gor vengeance is a bit more focused, but KoDP is played at the clan level, so Robin Laws created this situation to have a clan level impact.

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