That sun thang....

From: Peter Larsen <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 22:48:56 -0700

Wesley Quadros says:

>According to the Pelorians, Yelm was never killed. Rebellus Terminus slew
>Murharzelm, the son of the Sun. Yelm had a kind of nervous breakdown as a
>and went to pieces, literally. The DH think that Yelmalio and Elmal are just
>perverted cults of various Emperors (specifically Vayonet (sp?) the guy
>who came
>after Manalarvus the Roofer). They don't even begin to understand the
>true mythos
>and nobility of Yelm.

        Good enough, from a Dara Happan point of view, but what do the Orlanthi say? Was the Emperor always the sun?

        Now that I think about it, the Dara Happans have (as they ought to) a far more complex and sophisticated view of their gods: Yelm is the sun in some sense, the embodiment of justice in some sense, the font of rulership in some sense, etc. Like the blind sages and the elephant, many people have described Yelm, but no one has really suceeded. The Heortlings and other Orlanthi should, I suspect, have simpler approaches. I would think that they would identify the sun more definitely.

>And don't forget that the Alkothi _know_ that Rebellus Terminus is one of
>the secret
>names of Shargash the Destroyer. Orlanthus is just one of the many
>meowing welps of
>Umatus and everybody knows that Shargash slew Umatus.

        Is this common knowledge or a Shargash secret?

Peter Larsen

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