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Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 10:27:11 +0300 (EEST)

On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, The Glorantha Digest wrote:

> Is it possible that Elmal is only associated with the sun and not
> the sun itself? In the myth, as I recall, Elmal receives the solar torch
> from Orlanth at the Dawn, so he isn't the solar torch himself. Perhaps he's

Is Humakt not Death?
Is knowledge fear?
Can bears MEN?

In Sartar Elmal is the sun. He may have received the power to be the sun at the Dawn, but that doesn't change the fact.

> In a related point, was the Emperor the sun before the 1st Council?
> Did Orlanth kill the sun in early myth, or did he kill the Emperor which
> resulted in the sun going out? How close are the pre-fusion Heortling and
> Pelorian myths?

In early pelorian myths Rebellus Terminus killed Yelm, the sun and then his son ascended to his fathers place. He wasn't as good as the original, thought. In early orlanthi myths Orlanth killed the Evil Emperor and the world eventually became a bleak place. Elmal was at Orlanths stead and there was some light in the world. After HOG, things got worse. Snow twinkled, but the light was largely gone from the (surface) world. In both myths.

Yelm was the sun in godtime, or atleast in parts of it. According to pelorian myths, Yelms rose to greet Nysalor. And the world was perfect again, etc. etc. Before that pentan nomads ruled peloria. When things were set right again, Yelm was back and Justice too. So according to pelorians, Yelm only rose after the 1st Counsil.

Olli Kantola

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