Naff Naffness, and the Transgendered variety too

From: Donald R. Oddy <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 20:16:51 GMT

>Julian Lord <>
>Meirion Hopkins :
>> The Nandan cult's origin in the Great Darkness was obviously born out
>> of a need to make babies with no other option available.
>> However, in historic times there is likely to be no need for this
>> manifestation of his powers within a clan.
>Perhaps not within a whole clan, or at least not very often.
>But in a bloodline ? I can see that happening ...

Only if the bloodline was cursed, even then that would probably by preventing the men producing sperm. Now that I can imagine being very Babester Gor. But then Nandan wouldn't get pregnant either.

>But he is probably the most _overt_ manifestation of male homosexuality.

That's assuming he gets pregnant through sexual intercourse, it could be an immaculate conception.

>Actually, weird Gloranthan sex goes waaaaay back to the Androgeus counter
>in WB&RM.

Perhaps Androgeus is a priest of Nandan. Even in the RW some children are born with both sets of sexual organs, if this was more common in Glorantha the cult could be where such individuals end up. Such complications make modern ideas of homosexuality rather irrelevant.

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