Re: Babeester Gor

From: Donald R. Oddy <>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 22:15:12 GMT

>From: David Dunham
>True, but we all know (from Jeff Richard :-) that Dragon Pass has
>bitterly cold winters, so those short skirts (or kilts, if you
>prefer) aren't too practical. (IMG they're a Ralian thing.)
>Since the women of Dragon Pass (if not all Heortling women) wear long
>skirts, the sudden appearance of women with short skirts would
>probably not visually convey that they were fighting women. The fact
>that they are garbed as a warrior does.

Maybe not to foreigners who would have to rely on other indications, like that large axe she's carrying, but a Heortling would certainly recognise both that she was a fighter and of which cult.

Of course foreigners mistakes can work both ways. There is the story of the French invasion of south Wales where the local women in their tall black hats and red shawls were mistaken for the local militia and the French surrendered without firing a shot. The fact that the British army was known to include soldiers in skirts may well have helped.

Trousers (including shorts) make their first appearance in the RW with horseriding basically because no man wants his balls flapping around between himself and a horse's spine, so he wears tight trousers to hold them out of the way. Everything else is status, fashion and social convention.

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