Let's Do the Gender Reversal Again

From: Frederic Ferro <ferro_at_princeton.edu>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 00:23:45 +0200

The Nandani are volunteers but I have heard rumours in Nochet of an Esrolian Mystery Cult which use unwilling males as surrogate "wombs" in spite of the danger for the "bearer". Gives a new meaning to this "Father of the Year" ritual.

This Secret Society has already made some men bleed roughly every half-season for a few days. A whole clan of Caladrian warriors suffered from this curse for a year because they had spurned their wives.  

The mysterious Society has been said to use their Rune Spell of "Transfer Pregnancy" to punish rapists. This is supposed to be as preventive as Gorgorma's Vagina Dentata. A White Lady even told me they can put the foetus *anywhere* in the body (in the thigh or even in the brain!). The result can be as destructive as the birth of a broo.

A baby born out of the lungs of his father was able to talk to sylphs but he also suffered from hyperventilation.

Who are the members of this Cult? Dark chthonic powers? Lunar witches? Chaos creatures?

who is very tired, sorry


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