Re: Trouble with the gods

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 17:07:40 +0100 (BST)

Peter Larsen:
> Both the devout worshipper and the waverer can ask for reassurance,
> can't they? Gods who can't answer their worshippers needs stop being
> worshipped, I would think.

A need for reassurance could be interpreted as prima facia evidence of doubt, or indeed incipient apostacy, if you wanted to be very harsh. But yes, it's possible that someone would look for this, and it's possible that they would get it. But I don't see what sort of problems this really causes. Divination is only problemetic in any sort of theological manner, if you envisage some sort of game of 20 Questions with your god, with Elmal, Yelm, Shomash, assorted eastern manifestations, and whomever else, all being bound to give mutually consistent answers to the questions they're asked. That just doesn't seem reasonable or (ahem) 'realistic' to me.

Certainly it's within the 'setting/genre idiom' to heroquest to settle profound matters of religious strife. But that gets us right back into the 'are you discovering the truth, or are you changing it?' type of issue.

> Lastly, who else would know a god's place.


> Anyway, I have serious troubles with this, but I hadn't realized that it
> was old road; I'll drop it. Thanks regardless.

It's a legitimate topic, and I wouldn't want to think I was hounding anything into disgruntedly silence. OTOH, a quick trawl through the archives might dig up fairly quickly the sort of discussion that this might overwise end up replicating fairly quickly.

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