Nandan & Heler

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 00:18:16 +0200

Chris Lemens :

> I'm way behind on reading, so someone may already have said this, or someone
> may have called a halt to the Nandan thread, but . . .

Well, this Nandan thread *is* a bit long in the tooth ; but let's have a brief encore :

> Mightn't Nandan have been a pre-Dawn Heler hero/aspect?

It's an intriguing possibility ... but I think not. The two certainly have common interests ...

Nandan is certainly a pre-Dawn hero/"aspect" (not right word, but who cares?) of someone.

But no, I don't think that it's Heler. Heler's pansexuality isn't the same as Nandan's homosexuality. If Nandan had been a hero of Heleric sex, he probably would have become a woman, and not a Birthing Man IMO.

I think that Nandan is a pre-Dawn hero of Uleria (see GD passim)

Will someone else answer Terra's What is Nandan? question please ... ?


Julian Lord

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