Is Chaos evil?

From: Sergi Díaz <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 00:41:33 +0200

Andrew Larsen...
> Let's see. We have Thed, the goddess of rape; Malia, the goddess of
> disease; Thanatar the god (or gods) of headhunting and knowledge
> stealing; Urain, the god of senseless violence; Vivamort (or whatever
> he's called these days), the principle of vampirism; Seseine, the
> goddess of temptation; Ompalam, the god of slavery and subjegation,
> Ragnaglar, the god of uncontrolled lust; Cacodaemon, the god of
> cannibalism (and various other nasty things), Pochorngo, the god of
> corruption, Krjalk, the god of monsters, and various other dieties,
> all considered to be chaotic. With the possible exception of Malia
> (who is something thought of as having a place in the universe despite
> her efforts in creating the Devil), by what measure are these not evil
> and destructive forces?

Are Irripi Ontor or Teelo Norri evil and/or destructive forces? The deities you mention are too chaotic, and too much Chaos lends to destruction, but Chaos itself isn't good nor bad, it's a force or energy, completely neutral (like a volcano or nuclear energy). Another thing is what use you make of Chaos. A gun isn't evil, what can be evil is the person who uses it.
Balance between Chaos and Law is good, or at least this is what lunars believe.
What I believe is: Chaos is Entropy. You can have a benign use of it, but it will irremediably destroy the world if liberated. Chaos isn't evil, but it is destructive in the long run.


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