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From: Thomas McVey <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 15:49:42 -0800

The Terra Digest wrote:

> The Terra Digest Thursday, September 28 2000 Volume 08 : Number 028
> Re: Wave-Particle Duality (Arthancus Mageristerum"
> <>)
> 1. This is a moderated parchment-transcribed long-range mindspeech list.

> 2. Do not include large sections of a message in your reply. Especially
> not to add "Verily, I agree" or "Orlanth's Balls, I disagree." Or be
> excoriated.
> If someone writes something good and you want to say "the Blessing of the
> God(s) be on that post"
> please do. But don't include the whole message you praise.
> 3. Use an appropriate Subject line.
> 4. Learn the art of paraphrasing: Don't just quote and comment on a
> point-by-point basis.
> 5. No Eurmal-cloaked posting, please. Don't say something unless you're ready
> to stand by it.
> 6. To Uroxi: Lunars have a perfect right to be on the list.

> Sending disrupt-spell attachments to the "chao-loving scum" is bad etiquette.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Date: Wildday, ST 1608
> From: "Arthancus Magerister" <>
> Subject: Re: Wave-Particle Duality

> Jarkarnos <master_trader_at_greydog.clan.sart> wrote
> >So these "scientists" and "engineers" in Terra, they're kind of like the Malkioni?
> Yes, but throw in a bit of Mostali there and you've got it.
> Both cults believe in the World Machine, that the world is governed by impersonal laws.
> > But now Gregorius is saying that the "stuff" Terra is made up of is both composed of
> > "particles" (which I guess is like earth) and waves (which is some weird combination of
> > fire, air and water), right?
> Err, that's almost right. Gregorius is a bit obtuse on this point, and starts telling
> some myth about a cat in a box when asked about it. They actually have a lot more elements than we do.
> Their alchemists are much weaker, of course, because of that
> > So how do the "scientists" and "engineers" work their magic, if they can't even agree
> > what the stuff is that they're working on?
> The way I understand it, is that a subcult of the scientists (the physicists)
> get real worked up about it. The engineers don't worry about it at all.
> I know that's hard to believe, especially when you consider the whole area of
> magic known as "ambertronics" relies on it, but that's the case. Even Rune
> Lord engineers just study it and promptly forget it, according to Gregorius.
> > This is all some Jakaleeli plot you Lunars are pulling on us, right? Things
> were a lot more straightforward before "Mundane Peace"

> > got published, it seems a lot more hard to follow now. It's a Lunar plot, I
> tell you.
> Not in the slightest, barbarian scum. :)

(Thinking of the Yelm/Elmal/Yelmalio debate)


End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #30

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