Re: Truth

From: Henrix <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 02:15:06 +0200

Carl Fink panics:
> Yeah, but what I for one think of this is that it's *implausible*.
> It implies that there is no correct answer, that Glorantha has *no*
> underlying reality of any kind.

Or that the underlying reality is not within the grasp of mortal humans. That all the different ways of describing Glorantha (different theistic, animist, sorcerous, mystic, etc.) are imperfect and lack the concepts needed for a fully truthful description.
<Fill in parable of five blind men trying to describe an elephant by touch.>

Perhaps the entities known as gods try to explain, but the poor sods who worship them understand nothing.

Perhaps even the gods do not have a perfect understanding of Glorantha, but describe it as good as they can, which is obviously misinterpreted by their worshippers.

Perhaps only the true dragons understand Gloranthan reality, their minds being able to fathom concepts far beyond mortal ken.

Or perhaps the mostali are absolutely right *shudder*

From what I hear not even an Shamanic Arkati Trickster fully understands Glorantha.

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