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From: David Dunham <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 22:20:53 -0700

Trotsky replied to Alex Ferguson:

> << So the climatic model for Sartar -- just spitting distance away from the
> balmy Manirian coast, and several hundred miles _south_ of the middle of the
> continent where the serial toga wearers all hang out -- is now _Iceland_?
> Curiouser and curiouser. Previous guesses, such as central France, seemed
> much more on the money, for me. >>
> Or Switzerland for some of the more mountainous regions, perhaps.
> Iceland and New York certainly don't seem to make any sense as models at all.
> Mind you, its even stranger if Ralios *is* warm enough for fanatical
> kilt-wearers - after all, its further north, further west (which tends to
> make it cooler in Glorantha), at about the same altitude and just as full of
> storm barbarians (whose worship might affect the weather).

Just because you wrote one bestiary doesn't mean you should ignore the other one, which is in fact one of the best sources for climatic data. "Temperate Ralios is fairly dry in winter, with muggy, wet summers." And the original Glorantha confirms this: "The climate is temperate. It has mild winters with snow remaining for a month or two" (which is less than New York state). Sadly, neither work seems to describe the climate of Dragon Pass at all.

(I used New York as an example merely because I know it, and because it's colder than Scotland. It's not necessarily what Dragon Pass is like, but I believe it shows that Scotland isn't so cold.)

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