Re: bitterly cold Dragon Pass

Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 17:36:12 EDT

David D:

<< > Or Switzerland for some of the more mountainous regions, perhaps.
> Iceland and New York certainly don't seem to make any sense as models at
> Mind you, its even stranger if Ralios *is* warm enough for fanatical
> kilt-wearers - after all, its further north, further west (which tends to
> make it cooler in Glorantha), at about the same altitude and just as full
> storm barbarians (whose worship might affect the weather).

 Just because you wrote one bestiary doesn't mean you should ignore the other one,>>


<< which is in fact one of the best sources for climatic data. "Temperate Ralios is fairly dry in winter, with muggy, wet summers." And the original Glorantha confirms this: "The climate is temperate. It has mild winters with snow remaining for a month or two" (which is less than New York state). >>

     I'd assumed that meant the lowlands - where the Orlanthi largely aren't. And even if it is the case in the high hills it's *still* strange. Canonical, perhaps, but still strange.

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