Holy Grail & Other Relics

From: Frederic Ferro <ferro_at_princeton.edu>
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 15:58:09 +0200

on 9/30/00 4:47 AM, Sergio Diaz <sergio.diaz_at_upcnet.es> said:
>> But then what could be the Holy Grail in Glorantha?

> Maybe the Abiding Book?

You mean the original manuscript ? That's a good idea but it comes really too late (646 ST) to be linked with Hrestol's institution of Knighthood at the Icebreak and it is only important for the Malkioni while the Grail is more ambivalent: some people claim it could have been the Cauldron of Dagda for instance.

Maybe we should find something related to St Xemela or to Malkion's family.

Hrestol's Four Gold Crowns
They were not part of Talar Froalar's regalia but represented Hrestol's abdication: he had given up his rights on the throne and the Four Crowns were the four corners of the world for the Knight-errant. Basmoli claim they belonged to the Pendali tribes. Some texts say Zzabur had Hrestol quartered by four carriages and this mode of execution was an allusion to the Four Crowns.


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