Holy Quail

From: Gary R Switzer <gswitzer_at_loop.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 17:28:24 -0700

Keith N sez about Quail a la Avarnia:

>Is this the Holy Quail of Glorantha or am I getting confused?

>Keith N

Certainly to the Rinliddi peasantry who worship her, how others in Sartar, the West, etc do is no doubt a subject of much debate, since the quail, in various sub-species likely is found from one end of Genertela to the other and even beyond. Any other Quail goddesses? lol

Gary R Switzer
Aero Hobbies

Not to belittle the latest outbreak of the Ob/Sub debate but may worship is kind of like cooking? Pelorians eat their quail Avarnia-style, Sartarites on scrapple, Westerners on a bed of leeks and Esrolians roasted in vine leaves. All get a good meal depending on the skill of the cook. There is no one true way to cook quail, why does there have to be One True Way to view the Gods and the forces they represent?

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